Moreton Volunteer Awards 30 Jan 2021

The Moreton Volunteer Awards honour the hard work and volunteer spirit that is alive and well on the Southside.

They are an important reminder that we are not just individuals living in the same geographic location, but we are a community working together.

This past year, more than any other year, has demonstrated the strength of our community and what community really means.

Our award recipients are outstanding representatives of people who care, of people who step up and of people who just know what needs to be done.   

The work that each of our award recipients do may vary, but each of them, through their work, touch the lives of others and make those lives better.

Some of this year’s recipients volunteer across many of the cultural and religious communities within Moreton, actively demonstrating the wonderful inclusiveness of our community.

By their quiet example, day after day, they are signalling to the rest of us the way to treat our neighbours.

This latest group of Moreton Volunteer Award recipients received their awards on 30 January 2021:  

  • Michael Alan - Community Plus Yeronga
  • Lewis Bellamy-Wells
  • Rhyll Bennett - Corinda Bowls Club
  • Frances Brandon
  • Erna Brazier - Sherwood Neighbourhood Watch 1
  • Alan Chen
  • Jane Clarke - Oxley Country Women's Association
  • Joan Coghlan - Sherwood Probus Club
  • Paul Coghlan - Sherwood Probus Club
  • Susanne Cooper
  • Peter Cooper
  • Wendy Cox - Graceville Fine Foods
  • Jo Davis - Community Plus Yeronga
  • George Deen - Rotary Club of Archerfield
  • Cheryl Goode - St David's Neighbourhood Centre
  • Noela Gooding - St David's Neighbourhood Centre
  • Joy Hagan - Belong (Acacia Ridge)
  • Hye Young Hanh - Korean Society of Queensland
  • Maria Hong - Australian Cantonese Association
  • The Hooper Family - Community Plus Yeronga
  • Iris Jones - Annerley-Yeronga Country Women's Association
  • Jules Kim - Korean Society of Queensland
  • Geoff King - Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre
  • Val Layne - Stephen's Croquet Club
  • Gordon Letford
  • Henry Ma - Australian Cantonese Association
  • Andrew McInturff - Community Plus Yeronga
  • Bruce Menzies - Community Plus Yeronga
  • Lara Minion - Boomerang Bags Oxley
  • Ainsley Moxham
  • Aaron Moxham
  • Shirley Peadon - Community Plus Yeronga
  • Karen Possingham - Sherwood Meals on Wheels
  • Kelvi Roqica - Omega International
  • Cynthia Schonfeld - Graceville Bowls CLub
  • Leslie Smith - St Vincent de Paul (Acacia Ridge)
  • Jill Smyrneos - Community Plus Yeronga
  • Rene Stevens - Sherwood Meals on Wheels
  • Tanja Vlassoff 
  • Narelle Wyvill-Anstey - MacGregor Lions Club
  • Thomas Yuen - Australian Cantonese Association


Thank you to all of the recipients for making our community such a wonderful place to live.

Nominations for the 2022 Moreton Volunteer Awards will open later in the year.